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An overview of online poker in Asia. This page lists the best Asian poker sites and provides brief explanations of the legal situation in each country.

Casino Gambling Is Finally Legal In Japan - Fortune Japan's parliament passed a law on Thursday to legalize ... Casino Gambling Is Finally Legal in Japan. ... negative impact of casinos on local ... Japan's legislation opens up the last untapped market for ... In a move almost 20 years in the making, Japan is finally going to legalize gambling. A law enacted on 20th July made it legal for casinos to be built in ... Japan looks to fight gambling addiction ahead of casino ...

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Environmental Collapse And The Unravelling Of Civilization A societal epidemic of normalcy bias also fuels the near total lack of wider horizon comprehension. Denial of reality does not alter reality, this fact will soon enough be clear to all those that have so far chosen not to objectively … Northern Philippine Times: March 2011 Catdat (Catastrophe Database) estimated loss after Japan tsunami: US$100 billion plus; evacuation numbers as of 4pm, Tuesday (March 15, 2011): Iwate Prefecture – 51,553 people – more than 345 locations; Gunma Prefecture –23,046 people –284 …

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League of Women Voters - Should Hawaii Legalize Gambling? Should Hawaii Legalize Gambling? ... The Florida studies strongly opposed establishment of a ... The appeal of local gambling would keep part of that money ... D.C. Council legalizes sports betting, becoming first in ... The District will join seven other jurisdictions outside Nevada that allow sports gambling ... establishments such as ... should be opening up ... Lawmakers aim to enact bill to legalize casinos by Dec. 14 ... An IR refers to a complex facility that integrates establishments such ... visiting Japan and increased tax revenue for local and the ... The Japan Times ...

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The Odds And Perils Of Gambling Successfully On Japan's ... BY DAVID SUZUKI - As Japan moves to legalize casino gaming, David Suzuki examines the potential pitfalls -- from worries over gambling addiction, to the ... Betting on Japan's Legalization of Gambling - Forbes Betting on Japan's Legalization of Gambling. ... “Japan Is Pressured to Legalize Gambling” ... A surge in casino building in Japan should be quite good ... Japan, Looking for Money, Removes Ban on Casino Gambling ... Japan, Looking for Money, ... with its large and affluent local ... the form of joint ventures between international gambling groups and Japanese ... Casino Gambling Is Finally Legal In Japan - Fortune

The Odds And Perils Of Gambling Successfully On Japan's

Lawmakers, business leaders want to legalize casinos in ... Lawmakers, business leaders want to legalize casinos in Japan ... impact of casinos and stresses that gambling establishments and related industries could become a huge source of tax revenues ... Gambling in Japan? - Value Line

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